Stalkernotes was started by a few folks who had shared experiences and issues with an individual and/or individuals who developed what I will call ‘extreme obsessions’ with them.

No one here is a movie star or famous personality. So going through this process privately of discovering you have a stalker, dealing with the stalker, and dealing with the various people in the local area on the issues around a stalker’s behavior have been quite a journey to say the least. 

Collectively we decided to share parts of our stories of what various experiences were like, what some of those experiences are and what we had to deal with as a result of ‘extreme obsessiveness’ and the negative behaviors that followed.

Throughout this year we have also heard from others who have had similar or even more difficult experiences of our own. We hope the articles and resources we have shared shed light on a possible solution. If nothing else, this web site serves to show other people they are not alone if they have to deal with a stalker.

Our goal is to continue sharing our experiences with you and to provide additional resources for anyone else having issues with a stalker.