Before we talk about urine we need to talk a little bit about people, playing nice with others and playground politics. As we continue to see everywhere, how people work together(or not) in groups, and social stratification seems to plague humanity.

This episode in out stalking story is a bit more primal than the technology based cyber stalking, phone cloning, network hacking you see through technology. Using urine says a great deal about the perpetrators and their intent.

Stalking and Playground Politics

We’ve all seen this, experienced it, had to live it and relive it again through our own childhood’s and then our kids as well. The cruelty that happens on the playground is legend. So many of us spend quite a bit of our lives undoing the damage left over from those formative years on the playground.

Similar to the playground…  If left unchecked, life becomes Lord of the Flies very quickly. The still dominant aspects of our lower nature have shown to not evolve on if left to it’s own devices. There is still the necessity for some type of intervention which demands more, and the positive from us.

Fast forward to high school. Bullying and the social nightmare doesn’t get much better does it? Nope… Not without effort, self control and considerations for others.

When Stalking and Bullying are One in the Same

Working with people and being positive with people requires real effort that asks, no… demands us to look past our attitudes, judgments and preferences towards others that we hold so dearly.

Getting past this means a few other things have to happen for an overall mentality shift to take place.

  • Internal self control of thoughts and attitudes. At the very least be aware of how you are feeling and why.
  • Realizing that other people besides you exist and they have value.
  • Everyone does have value. Understanding ourselves in light of this is important.
  • There are other perspectives besides yours and you might even like them if you stop long enough to consider something outside of your own head.

This is an age-old question of why do people do bad things to other people…

I’m not going to wax and wane wistfully over the philosophical woes of humanity instead… I have a few things to say about urine.

Let’s Talk About Urine

After finding urine in mason jars during mixed in with the glass cleaner throughout the house I started thinking… running out of things to try?

After you get a little bit more internet research, it didn’t take very long to discover that using urine towards any other person in pretty much any culture is a bad thing.

And when it comes to bullying, pee is a frequently used means of humiliation by bullies against others.

Thank you for the DNA Sample

Yet, this act of kindness for someone to leave behind their bodily secretions ended up being a real good thing. Because apparently urine does hold DNA.

And while it may not necessarily produce a social security number like it does on TV sometimes it will show a health profile, gender, an approximate age range and any outstanding health issues…

So just as I was about to get really pissed off about this… I realized but the stalker missed dumb criminals 101 course. You don’t leave DNA at the crime scene.