Stalking and Blind Spots: What Do We Know, What Do We Imagine

Limitations of Human Perception

Now we’ve all seen the movies of those omnipotent human beings that can see all and know all… they are a far cry from our everyday experience.

Yet, something in our mind and heart still wants to make connections and build bridges between what we imagine, what we directly know, what we indirectly know and what we do not know. We genuinely look for the unity in life… on some level at least mentally.

To give some context let’s take a step back and take a look at what and how we know what we know.

Direct Knowledge

Simply put this is the direct knowledge we have about everything we come across in our lives or are taught directly through experience or a teaching process.

Indirect or Inferred Knowledge

This is what we know indirectly through watching other circumstances through information that people tell us or any other source of second hand information.

Insight or Intuitive Knowledge

This is a little bit less clear because while everyone may have a capacity for this the pathways of obtaining this type of knowledge and the process is to maintain it can be as unique and as different as the people developing this capability.

As an example; think of the chess players that win these tournaments and go on there’s many types of information, experience, knowledge, thinking processes happening simultaneously internally with the chess players. There’s also a meditative deep thought quality to chess thinking and strategy that allows deeper insights to come forward.

The comparison to a chess player is similar to the insightful and intuitive type of knowledge. Many different types of information and knowledge within a person are being thrown upon for this intuition and insight.

  • Book based information or knowledge.
  • Practical experience and everyday work.
  • The relationships in our lives and what we learn from them emotionally and mentally.
  • Circumstances where we practice anything requiring both process, reflection and repetition.

The intuitive component of knowledge and insight comes from what I call the comprehensive aspect of our life experience.

When someone focuses on something they don’t know that they want to know I believe that the cumulative effect of their experiences with that wanting to know is part of what brings up further insights.

So how is this a limitation to human perception?

Because it goes back to that movie that we’ve all seen… whether it is Professor X or some other superhero that can see all or know all at any one given time.

The reality is we don’t see all or no all at any one given time. In fact if you’re honest with yourself you don’t know as much as you think. 

The circumstances where your knowledge can be applied directly are very likely very narrow in scope, focused in application, and specific to your education, training and expertise. I’m thinking of a doctor or surgeon those types of folks with that kind of expertise. Outside of these circumstances we often find the limitations of our knowledge quite easily

Assumptions and Imagination as a Way to Make the Everyday Better

I’ve talked about this before in other articles so how stalkers and certain people can do certain things because they count on the assumptions, blind spots and the unspoken spaces in our lives. Even our friends and family have their own blind spots to the experiences we are having.

How do I know this and why is this even an issue?

I can answer that with a question. How many times does your physical environment have to be offended before you stop and start thinking about what you’re not seeing?

For certain types of stalking most stalking to even happen you are already not seeing a great deal for those things to even happen.

So whether you’re not perceiving you don’t notice you don’t take it seriously you don’t take the people seriously you don’t take people around you seriously enough… whatever it is if that’s happening there’s a lot you’re missing.

Imagination Fills in the Blanks… Or what we don’t see.

It’s human to want to believe the best in people. Is human to fight the “Holy crap… Someone’s trying to hurt me” thinking. It’s human to believe in the good experience we have had with someone over the possible reality that they may be doing something quite bad.

As a result when we deal with situations like stalking or certain kinds of abuse even bullying we don’t want to believe that that’s what’s really happening.

That belief is a big part of the reason stalkers bullies and abusers can do what they do. As long as people are believing the very best they can do the very worst and still had the good graces of other people who don’t believe I’ll be at even imagined in the very best of them.

The minute you step into the world of seeing what you don’t see all kinds of other assumptions expectations and values get challenged.

The hard part is you may not even know that you hold certain attitudes let alone hold them very dearly.

The absolute blindness is in part created from the absolute quality of certain beliefs and values and how we think they should be expressed by other people in our lives.

The minute you step into the world of seeing what you don’t see you will also have to face the fact of the magnitude of what you don’t know what you don’t see and what you will never be able to control or influence.

This notion alone is very unsettling to the vast majority of people. To do so means to try to conceptualize outside of everything that you already know.

So yes we went from stalking and various types of the abuse to theoretical physics… weird yes but also, connected.

So, What now?

Like anything, take it day by day. If you can hold many ideas and information in your mind at the same time without getting too attached to any one idea or notion, that would help. Doing that is very hard btw…

Keep Documenting. Anyone who has dealt with a stalking circumstance knows that things don’t change quickly. They also know you may have to make large changes before you have a stalker free existence. Each documented and verifiable instance is a repeat offense. Even in the states with vague laws will have some remedy, even if it is prosecuting for a related but separate crime.