The primary motive into stalking is to physically maintain one world which supports and/or validates a mental world. Whether conscious of it or not, stalking behavior is largely supported(and motivated) by the prejudices of the stalker who has already made certain decisions (right, wrong or indifferent) about the target.

For the target, by the time you realize you are a target you are only beginning to catch up to where the stalker is. Essentially you are the focus of a micro-conspiracy, created and implemented against you, personally. And when you find out about the stalker, you have no idea where you are at in the timeline of the stalker’s conspiracy.

When two Worlds Collide or at Least Become Seen

With stalking the thrill and risk of getting caught is countered by the inevitability of actually getting caught… or at least part of you.

In our case we are lucky because we have many of such images posted below of our stalker. So, we are able to make a giant collage of images and have just about every part but the face.

Keep in mind these images were caught prior to having different surveillance cameras. Notice the time stamp in the lower right corner.

For anyone using still cameras of any kind as you can see it is not the best solution.

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Here is a walk through of the slides above. They are numbered and some brilliantly hand drawn shapes to focus on the important stuff.

Image #1

This is a picture of the target of the stalker leaving her house. The Camera is tucked away on the upper right hand corner of the entry way.

Image #2

This is another picture of the target. Notice the long hair, that will be important in the next few images.

Image #3

This is a picture of the closed front door to the house. You can tell because the hinges on the left are not exposed.

Image #4

This is a picture of the stalker walking into the house after she broke in with whatever means she used. Notice the much shorter hair and is apparently several inches taller. These cameras have infrared sensors on them so that is why some of the images are a bit bleached looking where there was too much light or heat.

Image #5

This is the closed front door with the stalker presumably still in the house.

Image #6

This is the open door presumably when the stalker made a very quick exit just before they pulled the door closed. These still cameras had a few second delay so, if you can get in or out of a door in a few seconds you too can get past hunting cameras. Notice the exposed hinges showing the door still ajar.

Image #7

This is the target coming home not yet aware that she had been the victim of a B & E just a little while earlier.

What to Do When There is Little to No Remedy for Your Stalking Problem

The hardest part about images like these is while they show someone definitely broke in, you don’t have irrefutable, 100% positive proof of who broke into the house so, you still have room for general a**holery for anyone you show these too.

Just be ready, if you have to show pictures like these to anyone, be ready for all kinds of doubt, questioning and disbelief at your experience.

So, it may even be a better idea to hold on to what information you have, share the information is a different way to a larger audience and go get yourself some better cameras.

The majority of the time stalkers like this won’t stop… The rush of the ‘get away with it’ thrill is often worth the risk.