Stalking and the Tyranny of One Sided Learning – Part 1

One of the by products of surviving a stalker are the unique insights that come about as you piece your life back together.

Some of the more salient insights pertain to the shortcomings(for lack of a better term) of learning, blind spots in our consciousness, and how much trust we really have for each other (whether we intend to or not) and the general state of humanity.

Learning is Only as One sided as a Person is Conscious

To explain this a bit further…

For example, I have learned how to do some pretty bad stuff all in the name of self defense and to educate people and the professionals who have been assisting with this case.

These are not things I want to do, or am inclined to do, they are things I have had to do to be able to work with people to bring information in a digestible way. Do you see the point? Without any understanding from others, even those close to me, there is no awareness.

What to Learn About Stalking and Learning

  1. For something to be believable, from our perspective, we have to see and experience the information of a situation /on our terms.
  2. I have learned many bad things out of this struggle.

So, you have one person learning bad things to defend themselves against at least one if not two people doing bad if not worse things (for reasons still unknown).

The point is all the learning here is very focused on bad, destructive behaviors. Whether it is intended to harm aggressively or to harm defensively it is still intended on harm.

The second point is learning happens whether you want it to or not, whether you consciously try to stunt someone’s process or not. Learning still happens. People however, will learn despite any efforts to stop them or hinder their process. They may just end up learning something else entirely unexpected.

Judgement is Still Judgement Regardless of the Context

If I think honestly, really honestly about the circumstances where I need to judge swiftly and severely the number of those circumstances are very limited. I mean seriously limited to a few times in my life and ambulances were involved.

Nearly everything other circumstance outside impending life and death can stand flexibility and a more open mind when it came to those circumstances are mentally perceived.

Leave a Space for What you Don’t Yet know

This is tougher than it looks.

There are many schools of thought around learning and how people learn. What I am attempting to show is the more unconscious environmental aspect of learning that happens just by living.

One of the hardest aspects of surviving a stalker is not losing your humanity in the process. Another very difficult aspect of surviving a stalker is the intense mental and emotional discipline needed to survive.

While this last point has been voluntary on my part and had made some things easier but is very hard on relationships.

A stalker looks to exhaust you, and then catch you off guard to wound you further and watch you suffer in bewilderment or worse. So, the more aware and disciplined you are, at the least you make your stalker work for it.

Judgement Seldom Reveals the Whole Picture of a Circumstance or Person’s Life

Stalkers may not be lazy as a whole but, to obsess and watch while you think you are not being watched and then obsess some more… All While judging and closing off any possibility that you (as the stalker who is judging) might be wrong about the conclusion you have come to regarding the person you are obsessing over… Yes, there is quite a bit of emotional laziness in that process.

With this possibility, the entire premise for even stalking someone could be wrong. I would think that if I wanted to stalk somebody I’d want to get it right, and be justified in my actions. Having an all-encompassing fantasy is not enough it isn’t accurate if not correct.

But hey for some people I guess it just doesn’t matter that much.

If I follow the logic of my own thinking that I’m explaining through this article, at some point the obsession of your stalking become so important and there’s no right or wrong because you (the stalker) are so immersed in that obsession.

That’s the only logical train of thought I can follow that begins to make any sense to an outsider as to why someone would continue to stalk, harass, vandalize, and commit break in after break in.

Of course you can see where this is going…   Things in this world don’t last forever anyway. Falsehoods last even less because at some point in time, the more you insist on your falsehood more the world in some way shape or form demonstrates that it’s not true.

All the tyrannical rulers throughout history prove this in some way shape or form. Their rule never lasts even through their lifetime and almost always ends in war and five times the destruction.

All of this because they had an idea in their head and it had to be manifested physically so the experience they have in their vision is manifest in a literal fashion in the world. Ok, maybe that is too much of a sweeping generalization but, there is truth in that statement.