Why Connecting to Our Physical Surroundings is so Important

Our physical surroundings is often something we take for granted. It’s the background we have which we build the foreground of our lives on. Our physical surrounding have a considerable impact on:

  • Our perception of the world around us.
  • How we connect to others and the world around us.
  • The health of our subconscious.
  • Our ability to grow and heal from the vicissitudes of life.
  • Our perception of challenges we face in life.
  • Our ability to adapt to and change through the challenges we face in life.

All of those things are ‘soft’ issues not rooted in the tangible aspects of life. These are things (the irony of not even being able to describe them in accurately descriptive, non-material terms is not lost on me) which do have a remarkable impact on the more material as well as the non-material aspects of life.

The Real Damage and Costs of Stalking, Abuse and Crazy Making

Think about it … For those of you having been through a divorce, how did you feel during and for a while after that process? Did you feel like taking on the world? Starting a new business or project? Traveling the world?

Nope… probably not and this is for a million reasons in addition to any legal requirements of the divorce, custody, child support etc. Regardless of what you think or thought of your ex-spouse, or why you got divorced in the first place you will probably feel like shit for a while. This is the kind of shitty feeling that nothing seems to heal but time, and hopefully, eventually starting over.

Anyone who has been through a situation like this or any other kind of trauma including but not limited to:

  • Abuse (Marital or otherwise)
  • Car Accident
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Other traumatic event
  • Extreme heart break and/or betrayal

These are all types of events where you are so acutely aware of and involved in your own circumstances that looking outwardly around you will likely only be through the lenses of the events which necessitated the healing in the first place.

At these times we rely heavily on our connection to our physical surroundings but seldom think about them consciously unless we are forced to.

At these times we need our physical surroundings and the connection to them to heal.

So… What happens when the trauma you have been or are currently going through is connected to bullying, stalking and abusive behaviors whereby  creating upheaval in your physical surroundings is a key component of the abuse?

When Crazy Making and Abuse are one in the Same

Abuse through crazy making is the gift that keeps on giving… for the person who does the abusing.

When someone discovers at a later date that the abuse happens that the abuser was going through your home, stealing, or just re-arranging personal belongings you re-live the abuse. You also become acutely aware of the possibility of:

  • Multiple instances of break ins
  • You have no real idea of how deep the theft goes
  • It is not clear if there are multiple people involved
  • You also don’t know if they have done anything else to you belongings which may cause you harm at a later date.

When this type of crazy making activity is the regular activity, it has become the abuse.

This where the abuse and the crazy making are one in the same.

This is the type of abuse designed and intended to harm a person through constant destabilization of their physical surroundings. This is the type of abuse which is intended to cause so much self doubt, self-questioning and can literally cause someone to go crazy or at the least have a break down… that is if you are the self doubting, self-questioning type.

When you have my nature and outlook on life, you know that with billions of people in the world at least 25% are going to be complete assholes who would do something like this.

You also know that with that ratio there is a one in four chance one of those assholes will be right next to you.

Yes, one of those assholes is right next to us.

What does this mean for anyone having to deal with this type of stalking/abuse/crazy making?

It means several things.

First, when your physical surroundings and private space of your home is being ransacked, re-arranged and violated on a regular basis everything I told you about above in having to do with the physical surroundings and your own ability to reflect, re-group, and heal from the challenges of life does NOT happen.

Instead, you do not have the any of the benefits mentioned above and there is the added bonus of the abuse arriving to your person through your physical environment.

So, if Environment is Stronger than Will… Does this Mean Some A**hole is trying to Kill You?

For readers minimizing this … think of it this way. If you were a diabetic and you need to take your insulin on a regular basis but some asshole keeps breaking into your house and moving shit around, hiding your insulin… How long do you think you have to find that insulin before you have serious medical issues? Will you have enough time to even call the doctor, an ambulance or get medical care if it’s needed?

This is what I am talking about. When crazy making IS the stalking, which is the abuse… the stage is set for other much more serious circumstances to happen. When those circumstances actually happen then those people coming into those circumstances for the first time don’t even see these circumstances from the point of view of what the victim has been experiencing. They see for the most part an ordinary life with whatever level of tragedy that has played out.

And the target/victim of the abuse never gets a voice that can be believed without extensive documented proof (preferably tons of video), and they have the results of whatever additional trauma they have suffered.

Plausible Deniability and the ‘Never go to Jail Card’

Assholes are assholes right? Not all assholes are created equal. Some assholes are a special brand of asshole. Some of these special folks learn as they go. So, these special assholes discover:

  • They get to learn while they get the joy of abusing others.
  • As that happens they get to discover just how far they can go, while mixing it up and making it interesting.
  • They never really have to account for anything.
  • You as the target/victim have to live with possible consequences long into the future depending on possible difficulties from theft including; identity theft, health issues, lost time from work etc.

All the while there is this little thing called ‘plausible deniability’ which is what demands absolute proof for any alleged circumstances let alone ongoing issues resulting from stalking, bullying or criminal activity being used as abuse towards another person.

Here is an example. What you see in the main image here is what it looks like when someone is screwing with the cameras outside of your house. The high powered flashlight blinds the camera but not entirely.

Living the Dream…

Now add to this scenario having the wonderful reality of living in one of the few states with remarkably little or no anti-stalking laws present. Maybe you live in a place where what little anti-stalking laws they have are so vague you have a better chance of obtaining a conviction for a lesser or different crime altogether.

This is a big deal. if you go to the authorities in a state where there is little to no protection against stalking or the laws are so vague you could be facing more issues not less. Law enforcement and the courts are there to uphold existing laws, not ones that don’t exist (even if they should exist).

Do you really want to be the ‘test case’ that eventually (10 years or more) brings about change for better stalking laws? Does that merit real change in your circumstances? Maybe it does. Maybe that is a noble cause. Or maybe not. Maybe in that process you or a loved one will suffer an injury or worse, lose their life on that noble path to betterment for society at large.

All of this because of an asshole that chooses to direct their attention to you and your family.

So, onward…

Since there is remarkably little I can do about the stalker(that does not involve committing yet more crimes), here are the states with remarkably cruddy or virtually non-existent criminal stalking laws.

American Samoa






All of these states have laws in place. However, the ambiguity, un-articulated verbiage or just lacking laws were why they were chosen. Some of these states did not get their laws until as late as 2016.

In these states anything brought to the authorities would demand overwhelming proof of stalking. This is opposed to seeking remedy for a different crime committed during the stalking such as burglary or theft. Just saying… some strategy may be needed.

*State laws may have been updated but the links will take you to a site where data can be fact checked. You can also check the data through the state web sites for each state*