In light of dealing with a stalker, some questions that pass through my mind periodically…

  • How are stalkers made?
  • What makes a stalker think (or at least leave the impression through repeated actions) that their actions are Ok?
  • How are bullies made?
  • Where is that line in our decision making from good to mediocre, and from mediocre to cruddy and then from cruddy to just bad? Oh wait… that was several lines. Ya, many shades of grey.
  • At what point do you realize that maybe your slightly judgy attitude has crossed a line into unhealthy obsessive thinking about someone?

Just a peek into my thought process on a random Thursday as I am adjusting the surveillance system yet again. But seriously, after thinking about these and many other questions I keep coming back to the judgmental attitudes that seems to plague some people like medication resistant psoriasis but not others.

Stalking as Extreme Judgementalness Expressed from the Shadows

After all even the judges with robes and a mandate to serve the legal system are still human. But for the rest of us a judge can be the exhausted checkout person at the grocery store, your dental hygienist or just about anyone you come across during your day. It could be a dude in a gym with a T-shirt that says ‘judge’ on the back.

But where do you find, create or determine the line between what is Ok in your thoughts and what is not? At what point is it not Ok to break into someone’s house to go through their things?

I can tell you where my line is…

When my thinking gets tiring is where my line is. When my thinking starts requiring too much energy is when I start thinking to myself… Hmmm…  ‘Maybe, I need to put my energy into something else, something less… angry, judgy, critical.” Basically, whatever the negative head space is, It gets tiring… for me.

Apparently this is not the case for some people. Generally, repetitive behavior of all kinds implies that the person doing the behavior is getting something out of it. So, I am asking. What is in it for you? Why does being such an a**hole feel fabulous enough to continue. Do you like other people remembering you this way? is the wake of bad memories in the minds of those who have to deal with you such an inspiration, that you continue?

Just venting some thoughts for a random Thursday…