Learning at the Expense of Others

With the stalker we have, learning has been a main focus of the actual stalking events and the evolution of stalking and methods used to stalk, harass and bully. There is a clear evolution in changes of behavior including:

  1. Going from crude forms of physically stalking (yes, outside the house at night as evidenced by many footpaths, stepped on shrubbery etc.) to hacking email, stealing a cell phone and tracking communications and locations and other technology fun.
  2. Starting out sneaking through houses and then getting your friends involved too. Nothing says teamwork more than getting your friends to help you do your stalking. To be a true friend is to be an accomplice…
  3. And of course monopolizing the second hand communications, not quite like a master but with a great deal of force and threat of social consequence for those that do not acquiesce.

So, learning is a strong under current.

The sneakiness implies a great deal of fear around learning, insecurity and a deep desire to be viewed as knowledge able by others. It also implies a dislike or devaluing of themselves in favor of another.

Yes, bury your authentic self in favor of what is assumed to be through an external view of someone else.

A two fold reality that I don’t think has been considered enough is:

  1. You don’t truly have learning when it is at the expense of others.
  2. Learning is something that everyone truly needs regardless of how smart they are or how much they already know.

So to deprive someone of learning just to give someone else an opportunity to learn(even if you are the one who ends up with the ‘opportunity to learn’), especially at the expense of someone else it’s own special kind of tyranny.

Because, whether you intend to or not one person is being forced to learn through the negative in order to allow another to learn through the positive. See the problem?

Maybe, just maybe, when one circumstance is being judged (regardless of how true) you are automatically judging another circumstance.

The result… all kinds of unexpected activities. And this is because… See the next point below.

The third part of the two fold reality is:

Learning happens whether we want it to or not.

This makes conscious learning a special kind of tyranny all the worse because the opportunity to learn bad things over good gets taught on a larger scale in communities where things like stalking happen.

Some people who go through really bad things turn around and in turn can do really bad things because that’s what they learned.

But, not everyone does. This can however make difficulties like this very difficult because you have an external battle and an internal battle. One with a stalker and one with yourself.

And all of it… unnecessary, preventable and fixable.