Enduring life with a stalker in your orbit can be unpredictable.

Even stalkers tend to fall into complacency, routine and predictability in the harassment, bullying, break-ins and crimes they commit to accomplish their stalking. So, routine can be found even amidst consistent unpredictability.

“At some point the attacks and bullying even for a stalker can become predictable.”

So, it was not that big of a big surprise to have what would have been a very boring Sunday afternoon be filled with more of the usual stalking sh*t.

Gone for a Sunday Drive… Came Back to, WTF?

Some context here before the details.

Even before this lovely Sunday afternoon, I knew the stalker/s were using some way to track whereabouts but was not able to definitively find, stop and prove it just yet.

Our cell phones had been cleared by our carrier and I knew it was just a matter of time before we could definitively confirm what we already knew.

So, after running errands and doing regular stuff when we came back in the house we could tell something had happened and knew it would be just another joy to find out all the little things that had been going on over the next few days, after yet another stalking burglary.

When we turned on the lights we discovered they were not working as expected… but some of them were. Ok, no big deal, you just keep going.

Then we found the lights from the entry way, through the living room and into the kitchen were not working the way they should be but, the bulbs were fine as it turns out.

Well, at this point it was definitely raising some WTF? questions in my mind…

I didn’t Know We Needed an Electrician

After quite a bit more playing around with the light switches it became clear that they had been rewired (not just switched) so the on/off positions were opposite.

For those who know even less about electrician type stuff than me. The different between rewiring a light switch and simply switching it is;

  • Rewiring a light switch means turning the power off, removing the face plate to the light switch then removing the wires and switching the positions they are attached to and re-assembling the light switch. This means the off position will turn the light on, and the on position will turn the light off.
  • Switching a light switch means taking off the face plate and turning the switch unit upside down and re-assembling the light switch. This can be done without turning the electricity off. This also means the actual light switch will be upside down including any on/off words on the switch itself.

So, for any new readers joining us for the first time, this meant…

The stalker had to;

  • Have some kind of confirmation of our whereabouts to know we were not at home.
  • Break into the house.
  • Either have an electrician accompany and assist them, or they watched a lot of YouTube Videos prior to doing this.
  • Get out of there in time.
  • Lock the house back up.

Ok, so this is nothing terribly new to us… Well, I should say the type of activity is new within the context of the overall experience.

Because Knowledge is a Threat, Right?

When you step back from this type of an experience what kind of message is really being sent? What do you think about after going through this? What is the stalker/s trying to say?

There were a few things that went through my mind.

  • I have knowledge and you don’t.
  • I have the ability to get people to join me in my illegal activities.
  • See what I can get away with…
  • Oh, and if you think this is nifty I can rewire your house to burn it down, if I/we want.
  • I am entitled to do this and whatever else I want to to your property or you.

So, to keep the context in mind of my earlier comments of having an idea of being tracked and needing to confirm how, when, etc…

After this I was able to confirm that they had indeed compromised the Internet/wifi network and after several conversations and some reprogramming of a few devices they were locked out. As a bonus prize we did get quite a bit of packet data from the router that went back several weeks before this.

We all know that cyber crimes are very hard to prosecute. But when it comes to stalking things like packet data can be very helpful supporting data for an overall stalking case.

When You Fail at Getting the Desired Emotional Responses

Surviving something like this means getting on the other side of the thinking process, finding and mastering your own blind spots and getting aggressive with a stalker.

Despite the human tendency to think if you ignore them, they will stop, go away and get bored… Stalkers are different in that they demand both attention and anonymity at the same time.