Stalk… Umm… Track Your Stuff with these Tracking Gadgets

So we all have watched the videos of where our cat or dog goes when we are not looking… Ever wonder where your stuff goes? These tracking gadgets are easy to use and bring a bit of entertainment value to keeping track of all the stuff on our lives.

Is it absent mindedness, the hectic activity of life or something more sinister? Well you can know for sure with any one of these tracking gadgets what really happens to your stuff.

1. Tile App

One of the first tracking apps we came across and easily available online or through Amazon, Tile is available in packs of 4, 6 or more tiles that you can purchase. Add them to keys, computers, tablets or toss one in a purse or your your loved one’s bag for curious fun…

2. Click n’ Dig

This tracking tool comes color coded and can stick to just about anything. The devices are receivers and the transmitter is how you locate your stuff, pets and anyone or anything else you want to track.

3. TrackR

These coin sized trackers can be added easily to just about anything. The TrackR also comes with the ability to set alerts if you are beyond a specific distance from your stuff. The TrackR has Bluetooth capability up to approximately 100 ft.

This is also the shortcoming. Once you are beyond 100 ft. you will lose connectivity to your ability to track your stuff.

4. Locca

Track your stuff from longer distances. Locca is different from other trackers in that you don’t need to be within a specific distance. There are two separate versions of the device. The LoccaMini is meant for tracking things nearby and the LoccaPhone is meant for tracking larger things like cars, and your kids.

In either case distant is irrelevant. You can track things, people and vehicles through long distances easily.

5. Gecco

We added this one cause it was just too cool. This is a newer IndieGoGo funded project which has many of the same features of the previous gadgets with a few extras.


6. PocketFinder

This GPS based tracking system allows you to track everything from your stuff, your kids, vehicles and eve has applications for fleets. being GPS based there are no location restrictions. you can set alerts and Geo-fencing areas for specific reasons (think pets… and other objects and beings that roam).

So, now you can know for sure if your stuff, pets or people get left somewhere, wander off or… of if you are like me and put your keys and phone in the fridge in a busy morning and after running around for a bit do you check the fridge and have that WTF moment…