You Are Seen

Life with a stalker took us down a very long and winding road. This site is based on different episodes in that long journey which is ironically still playing out. The decision for this site happened after a series of notes were left for the stalker while they were stalking. At a certain point I realized other people should benefit or at least be entertained.


What do you do when you have a stalker and they manage to stay invisible yet do things like change objects around in your yard, mess with your car mirrors, and generally change up your environment. How do you handle someone who has lives in the blindspots of life(at least ours) and not lose your sanity?Well, you get cameras and catch them which we did.

However, we also wrote notes to them in the places where we knew they went and for a while, a longer while than expected they would come and read them. This is part of the very first stalker note written to our stalker.

You are seen. You are known. Just because you see someone else’s blindspot does not mean you see everything. A blindspot is an unspoken trust.

What will you do with it?
Can you be trusted?
Can you control yourself in the context of what you are seeing?
Will you reflect on your assumptions in light of what you see?
Will you allow a space for what you don’t see? Or will you assume you are God?

Can you or will you control your feeling nature?
Will you even try to understand it?
Or will you just feel and allow that to lead you into an abyss of actions, heedless and unaware? Consumed by feelings, driven by feelings and whatever other notions running wild in your mind.

What if you are completely mistaken for reasons you haven’t even considered?

Think about it, if you are reading this message or have pulled this message off the side mirror of my car sometime between 11PM and 6 AM, then you are already mistaken in your choice of actions.

You are seen. Not in front of everyone. Not where you are performing. You are seen when you are alone, when your thoughts over take your better judgement, when you give in to the abyss of emotion clouding your mind. You are seen.

You are seen. When you walk about all hours of the night, when you go into people’s homes whether they are there or not, when trespass on other people’s property. You are seen.

I guess we will see if you come back for more.

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